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All About Maskne

As a skin care professional, I began hearing the buzz about Maskne in the first few months after COVID-19 began last year. It was clear that these breakouts -- right where people wore their masks -- were a direct result of the pandemic. In this blog, I’ll dive deep into the new phenomenon of Maskne and discuss some of my favorite products that have helped me find relief.    What is Maskne?   Maskne is a type of acne called acne mechanica. Anyone can get this type of acne, but it’s most common in athletes, teenagers, and soldiers. Before the pandemic, it was primarily relevant to anyone who wore helmets, chin straps, headbands, face masks, etc. Nowadays, just about everyone...

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Welcome to the Skin Mama Family

Hi, I'm Megz, the owner of Skin Mama! My Skin Mama story began with terrible cystic acne in my 20s. I tried everything to resolve the condition, but no treatment or product seemed to do it. I ultimately sought my esthetician training with Aveda to see what I could learn myself. It was through this training that I was first introduced to Eminence products.    Time and time again, I was consistently brought back to these products by their impact on my clients. They were popular and requested often, and I found myself working with and learning the Eminence line more than any other. While working in an Aveda-based salon, Eminence would send their reps for training every few months. During...

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